Tell us about your great product.

There’s an inventor in all of us. We just need to remember how to think like one. To think like a kid again, when our imaginations didn’t stop at what could be real. That’s how you’ll find your next great product idea. The one we can’t wait to hear about.

Mattel turns great ideas into the best toys.

Ever watch a kid rockin’ playtime and think
what if …? Us, too! That’s when some of our best ideas were born.

A stylish friend who helps kids imagine the possibilities. Games that bring the whole family together. Fast cars and helpful trains. Brilliant ideas like these spring from the minds of people who think, “Why not?” and “How about …”

From helping babies discover the world around them to laughing and singing with kids young and young-at-heart, our gear and toys enrich the lives of young families around the globe. Your product ideas can set the stage for epic adventures, add color and sparkle, and make people smile.

Sharing your product idea is easy!